MikroTik RouterOS Password Recovery

Forgetting a long – usually pwgen generated – password can truly be a pain. There are numerous methods of circumventing the password authentication protection, what we will be dealing with today is extracting the hashed password from a MikroTik backup file.

First, download the required .deb packages for your Debian/Ubuntu Linux here:



Or, alternatively, get the source tarballs (and other platform versions) from here: mtpass homepage

After the installation has completed (using dpkg -i mtpass-0.8*?.deb or anything else you like) just issue the following command:

./mtpass MikroTik-backup-file-name.backup

The end result will look something like this:

mtpass v0.8 - MikroTik RouterOS password recovery tool, (c) 2008 by manio

Reading file user.dat, 166 bytes long

Rec#| Username | Password | Disable flag | User comment
 1  | admin | secretpass || system default user

Source:  manio.skyboo.net/mikrotik

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